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allow our family to care for yours

allow our family to care for yours

Children's Funerals

It is not the natural order for your child to pass away first but in this sometimes-unkind world this does occur and, when it does, the dark times can be all-consuming. We are here to help and guide you through this difficult time and will assist you with all aspects of the funeral arrangement, from selecting the perfect coffin to organising charitable donations, floral tributes and transportation. Our experienced and compassionate team are here to talk whenever you are ready, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fee-Free Dignified Services for Under 18's

We provide dignified and respectful funeral services free of charge for all persons under 18 years of age. This will include:

Additional services, such as custom floral tributes, headstones, and other third-party disbursements, for example, may still be chargeable. However, we can signpost you to various services that help cover the cost of children’s funerals as well as claiming public funding on your behalf.

Personalised & Heartfelt Children's Funerals

The service can be as small or as big as you wish and can be as personalised it the most fitting way for your child and mourners. Some opt to customise the coffin with photos, images of their favourite things or a sports team they supported. You could also design your own order of service or arrange for a much-loved book to be read or their favourite song to be played. There are many options available that will allow you to create the most heartfelt and fitting send-off for your child, and we are here to help bring your wishes together.

Bereavement Support

"We cannot judge a biography by its length, or by the number of pages in it; we must judge by the richness of the contents. Sometimes the "unfinished" are among the most beautiful symphonies."

Contact h. biffen & Sons

For professional services, support and guidance when planning a child’s funeral please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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