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allow our family to care for yours

allow our family to care for yours

Coffins & Caskets

There is a multitude of coffins and caskets available and we understand that making a choice may be challenging. Our experienced staff can guide you through the various material options, shapes, colours, and custom features that are available. From quality walnut and mahogany to traditional pine and eco-friendly cardboard there are varieties for all preferences and budgets. You can also arrange customisation including adding imagery and photography or bespoke adaptations to reflect the interests and passions of the deceased.

Traditional Coffins

While the terms coffin and casket are often used interchangeably, the coffin is identifiable by its traditional, hexagonal shape. Typically featuring a flat top and simple metal fittings, they are tapered at the head and toe and can be adorned with flowers and cards as requested. You can further enhance the sarcophagus by upgrading handles to brass or gold, adding plaques, or requesting a raised lid. There are also many finishes to choose from, including:

Quality Caskets

Caskets meanwhile, are typically larger than coffins, rectangular in size, and fitted with a raised, hinged lid. These too are available in many finishes and can also be fully customised in accordance with the wishes of the deceased or their loved ones organising the funeral.

Bespoke Coffins & Caskets

We also offer fully bespoke coffins and caskets as we respect that every person is unique. People often wish to add images, photographs and other optional extras that reflect the deceased’s passions and interests held in life. From adding faucets, for a much loved local plumber, to sourcing colourful coffins, decorated with flowers, favourite sports teams or family photos, we go above and beyond to meet your wishes.

Eco Coffins

You can also request eco-friendly coffins, particularly popular with those passionate about the environment. Whether for a church funeral or a woodland funeral in a natural setting, there are numerous materials to choose from, including:

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